Creepy and Heavy

The Bird Eater - Ania Ahlborn,  Peter Berkrot

This was quite an interesting read to say the least. If you are looking for creepy, then just like the cover implies, you get creepy.




-Easy read. I read this within a 48 hour period, even while juggling a couple of other books. The pages just flew by.


-Vivid.  The fact that the pages just flew by is a testament of how well the story was told. It read just as a movie might. I really could visualize the entire story as well as the characters within.


-It sucked me in. Once I started this read, I just didn't want to put it down. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next.





-It was heavy.  I did anticipate that this story would be dark but I did't realize how dark. As the book progresses is gets darker and darker.


-It was depressing.  It seems that all of the characters never seem to get a break. Even when reading dark novels, I do hope to see someone, even if just one person, conquer evil. Not here. Not by a long shot.


-It left me feeling yucky.  Toward the last few pages I just wanted it to end. Not because it wasn't a good book or that it wasn't written well, no, because I couldn't bear anymore negativity. I know that horror is horror, but books such as "It" or any other horror novel, there is a sense of some excitement or fun. No fun here what-so-ever. You have to prepare yourself for this type of read, or at least I do.


So all-in-all, it was a very well written and engaging book. I am a bit torn because I was sucked in but I was left feeling drained...completely drained. If you are looking for a truly dark read then this is the one for you. I liked this book but I don't think that I was quite prepared by how heavy it was.