The Unwitting

The Unwitting - Ellen Feldman The very first pages drew me completely in the book, but almost immediately after, I slowly lost that eagerness. I don't know if I was wanting to find out much sooner what happened to the MC's husband, Charlie, but it just seemed to get a bit wordy and I didn't know what direction the story was going in because it seemed to jump around a bit in the beginning. It soon grabbed my attention again only for the same to happen and it just seemed like a cycle throughout the book.

I liked the book, don't get me wrong, I think by the first couple of pages that I had expectations that were probably too high. It's quite an intriguing story that dwells quite a lot on politics in the 60's and I always like walking away from a book feeling a bit smarter. I do plan to maybe read this one again in the case that I went in with the wrong mindset and if so then my review will be a lot less vague.

I do recommend this book, especially those interested in books that involve politics and how communism played a role in America and the Cold War.