The Day She Died

The Day She Died - Catriona McPherson 3.5 Stars

Jessie Constable is in her 30's, childless, loveless, and has a mother who is completely off her rocker and pretty much evil. Due to experiences in her past she has Pteronophobia, a fear of feathers. Yes, a fear of feathers. She happens to be somewhat minding her own business one afternoon at the grocery store, well no, she went out of her way to spy on a guy that she has crossed paths with a few times here and there. He confesses to her that his wife, Becky, has left him, and once Jessie offers to buy some items for the daughter by his side, he suddenly realizes that his son may be left alone at his house and he urgently needs a ride.

Being the ever desperate helpful person that she is, Jessie piles them in her car and she is really taken for a ride herself. They soon learn that his wife ran her car off of the road in an apparent suicide and she somehow takes over the role of being a care-giver for his children.

Okay, I was torn with this book. There were so many reasons why I enjoyed this read and so many reasons why I thought the main character was a bit naive perhaps, but I did like her. For instance, she just takes off with this guy (Gus King) and his daughter and although he acts bizarre and very rude at times toward her, she puts up with it and starts taking over the role of the children's mother, yes, the one who just died. His wife just died and he starts coming on to Jessie and I just can't understand why she didn't find that odd in the beginning. So many strange and quite suspicious scenarios surround her and yet she convinces herself that it isn't what it seems and is always making excuses for him. I feel that if you just met someone and don't know them, these suspensions would be huge red flags and a reason to get out of there, but when she overlooks them or falls for a man who yells at her quite a bit, it comes across as Jessie is desperate and has no self-respect.

Jessie does, however, have a likability to her and therefore I kept reading. The novel is very well-written and contains the level of suspense that keeps you hanging on for more. I feel that this book is very original in every sense of the word and the various subplots weave together effortlessly.

I would recommend this one for those of you who enjoy suspense and a well constructed novel. Although I struggled and shouted at the main character when she would do things to disappoint me, it only made me realize that I was completely invested in her story.

I received this book from Netgalley.