Burial Rites

Burial Rites - Hannah Kent This is a haunting tale of the last woman to be executed in Iceland. The year is 1829 and Agnes, a stoic and dour woman, has been charged in participating in the murders of two men, one of whom she was enamored with and was also employed by as a housemaid. Before her execution is to take place, she is transported to a farm to await her execution.

Ever so wary, the family she is to reside with, are outraged that they were chosen to provide accommodations to a murderess and were vigilant of her every move. It seemed that Agnes had no one to turn to for comfort, as she was abandoned by her unwed mother when she was a child and was forced to leave her foster home when the woman of the home passed away during childbirth. Learning to survive on her own, she became very guarded and unapproachable although it seems that her real desire was to find love and acceptance.

After a shaky beginning, she finally reaches out to Assistant Reverend Toti, whom she called upon for support. The unassuming Toti teetered whether to take on this responsibility but eventually gives in, as he feels that it is God