Deal Killer

Deal Killer - Vicki Doudera Natalia, an heiress to a Russian billionaire, is attending Columbia University and pursuing her interests in investigative journalism. She begins work on some shady happenings going on with a Russian Security Agency and her "arranged" fianc̩ comes to stop her and take her back to Russia. Her fianc̩ demands a copy of her paperwork from her journalism professor, Miles Porter, and when he refuses, an argument ensues. Moments after leaving the professor's office, Natalia's fianc̩ is stabbed to death.

Naturally, things don't look so good for the professor. When his girlfriend, Darby Farr, comes in town from California, she believes in his innocence and begins her own private investigation to try to get to the bottom of this murderous mystery.

I'm not that big on 'Who done it?' types of books, but I will admit that I enjoyed this one. I found it to be a campy and fun read. I would recommend for those who love a fun murder mystery!