When We Fall

When We Fall - Peter Giglio Ben is living the dream of most thirteen-year-old boys. His babysitter (although he realizes that he doesn't need one) who is four years his senior, seems to be showering him with attention since the death of his best friend and also the death of his tormentor. (The deaths should probably be omitted from that dream I just mentioned)

I have been on a kick this year to read books that frighten me. I guess I need a little excitement in my life or something. Although I wouldn't consider this read to be frightening, it is dark. And that is plenty of excitement for me.

I find it challenging to write reviews for novella's as they are short and it's hard to give hearty feedback without giving it all away. What I can say is that this piece was very well-written. I felt engaged with the main character and could really get a sense of the turmoil and confusion that he was dealing with. This story was well-crafted and I recommend for those looking for that dark, coming-of-age type of read.