The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery

The Dirty Book Murder: A Rare Book Mystery - Thomas Shawver Michael Bevan was getting his life in order and ironing out the kinks in his marriage when his life fell completely apart. After attending a party together and consuming too much alcohol, his wife insisted that they leave and of course that she drive. It was this ride home that would change the course or Mike's life as well as his daughter. While Mike was passed out in the car, his wife apparently fell asleep at the wheel and ran off of the road and she died due to head injuries.

Living with this guilt, Mike soon turns to booze as his only means of coping and unable to care for his daughter, he sends her off to be raised by other family members, which eventually puts an enormous wedge right in the middle of their relationship, or lack thereof.

With his new full-time job of being inebriated, it isn't long before he is disbarred and forced to hit rock bottom. Eventually he somewhat gets his life in order to persue a career as an antiquarian and opens a small shop in town. After learning of some rare Japanese erotica that will be auctioned off, he goes in with the feeling that he is the only one vying for their ownership only to discover that two other acquantances of his are there as well. They all make an agreement to go in together but are soon outbid by a mysteriously auspicious-looking man. But one of his fellow acquanances (Gareth) pockets two of the books before leaving.

Mike later confronts Gareth at a local pub and all hell breaks loose and their night ends on the sidewalk outside of the pub after punches were thrown. They eventually talk it out and I guess you could say that they made up and went on their merry ways, both drunk.

After Gareth is found dead the following morning, all eyes turn to Mike who was last seen with him, and fighting with him, for that matter. Mike soon goes on a mission to figure out who could have killed Gareth and in search of a way to clear his name.

I thought that this was a nice read. I am in the middle with it, not overly excited and not overly disappointed. I don't read that many mysteries so I find it hard to get into them as much as the avid mystery conisseur. I would recommend this read to friends and I know many mystery readers who would enjoy this one.