The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey Buddy Read with the lovely Anasylvia :)

I must admit that I went into this read blind...completely blind. I had no earthly idea what it was about but I noticed the high ratings and I was a bit intrigued by the title. Had I known the genre, I would have avoided it at all costs and that may be the reason why the synopsis is slowly revealed throughout the book.

I absolutely loved the build up of the story and throughout most of the book, I wanted to know what would be revealed next. I found this book to be intense and exciting and also endearing. And because the author made a huge effort to slowly reveal the storyline, I am choosing to avoid all spoilers as I think that everyone should go into this one as I did.

I really enjoyed the medical and scientific aspect that is presented in this clever and original novel. Having worked in the OR myself, I found it so exciting and refreshing to read about the human anatomy and physiology in such a way that was creative and thought provoking. What I appreciated most is how highly researched the way the body ticks is as well as the microbiological/biochemical components and how they were explained and presented in a very specific way rather than in vague terms. I appreciate authors who treat the reader as though they are smart enough to 'get it'...because we are...thank you author. I like a book that makes me use my brain and doesn't vaguely explain things or over specify as if the reader were dumb.

I loved this book immensely and it is one of my favorites for 2014 and quite possibly my very favorite. So, what's this book about? Read it and find'll be glad you went in blindly because the author did a fantastic job of revealing just enough as the story progressed. It doesn't disappoint.